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Oscar's Amazing Space Adventure


      Oscar's Amazing Space Adventure

Oscar is an inquisitive young mouse who loves adventures, so, when a mysterious object lands in the garden shed, he can’t help investigating and soon finds himself on a bizarre intergalactic mission!

Zimmy - a shy, green alien - has become stranded on Earth while searching the universe for Quagroon rocks. Can Oscar’s flair for problem-solving help him out of a jam?

Join the two friends as they overcome their differences, learn all about the planets and the solar system, and finally face the Giant Ten-eyed Moon Slug on Planet Quagroon.

  Oscar and Zimmy      

“The children were mesmerised throughout... The positive messages were presented to the children in an entertaining way.”

Killin Primary School, Stirlingshire


“We especially liked the slug, the dancing and the bit where Oscar met the alien.”
- P1 class

“We found we learnt new things about the solar system.”
- P4 class

“A fun-filled learning experience.”
- Staff

Eastbank Primary School, Glasgow

Slug Mountain  
Oscar and Zimmy in the spaceship

“Everyone who saw the puppet show was enthralled by it and it was all my class could talk about for the rest of the day. The rest of our day was spent using the technology boxes to build spaceships and using modelling clay to build Oscar and Zimmy.”

P2 class teacher, Falla Hill Primary School, West Lothian


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