Mousetale Puppets
  Ages 4 plus

December 2024 - autumn 2025

  Oscar and the Quest for the Underground Princess      

From five o’clock
Count seven hours,
Among the plants,
But not the flowers,
You’ll meet a friend,
But not a mouse,
The earth his bed,
A hill his house...


How can a mother mouse keep her son out of mischief? She can’t! Oscar is irresistibly drawn into an underground myth when he receives a mysterious riddle to solve. Martin, a prince in the mole kingdom, needs Oscar’s help to find the beautiful Princess Emily.

But the evil rat, Snotter, has plans of his own... Can Oscar beat him in the quest? Armed with nothing but a cream bun and an electric guitar, Oscar is determined to have lots of fun along the way!


“Superb show... thoroughly enjoyed by all the children (and the adults) ... Aimed perfectly at the children in our age group (3-6 years old). One of the best puppet shows I have ever seen.”

Pre-school Teacher, International School of Aberdeen

      Oscar and Martin in the Sewer  

“An imaginative and innovative performance, thoroughly enjoyed by all staff and pupils.”

Kettins Primary School,

  Oscar and the cakes      

“Perfectly suited to Nursery and Primary school children, this entertaining and inventive show was a hit with children, parents and teachers.”

Cargilfield School Nursery, Edinburgh


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