Mousetale Puppets
  Thank you to all the children who have sent letters and pictures to me. I take time to read each one and they always make me smile! Thanks also to the staff who have taken the time to send me their encouraging comments.  

“Thank you for a superb show today for our preschool children. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all the children (and the adults). The children enjoyed the humour, the music, and the delightful puppets. The performance was truly professional from start to finish. The show was aimed perfectly at the children in our age group (3-6 years old). One of the best puppet shows I have ever seen.

The Buns and Cakes workshop was great! The children delighted in making their own puppets. What creations they made! The highlight for them was putting on their own ‘puppet show’ to music. So simple, yet so effective. It was so age appropriate.

A truly memorable experience for all the children. Can’t wait to see another of your shows next year!”

Preschool Teacher, International School of Aberdeen


The Mousetale puppet show was an entertaining and educational experience for all children in the school from Primary 1 to 7.”

Newmains Primary School, Renfrew

“Mousetale Puppets is an ideal resource for putting great live theatre right into the heart of small rural schools, bringing the experience directly into the school environment. If you would like to be hugely entertained whilst being sneakily educated then I recommend Mousetale Puppets!”

Izzy Swanson,
Education Support Officer (Drama),
Shetland Islands Council


“A truly magical performance that left everyone desperate for Oscar’s return.”

HT, Coulter Primary School, on behalf of South Lanarkshire's Small Schools


“An imaginative and innovative performance, thoroughly enjoyed by all staff and pupils.”

Kettins Primary School, Perthshire


“Perfectly suited to Nursery and Primary school children, this entertaining and inventive show was a hit with children, parents and teachers.”

Cargilfield School Nursery, Edinburgh


“The shows are informative and fun. They have become an annual event and the children are always eager to discover what Oscar’s next adventure will be!”

St Leonards-New Park Junior School, St Andrews, Fife


“Thank you very much for the excellent show you put on for us. The staff enjoyed it as much as the children! We were particularly impressed by the way in which you altered the pitch of your show and talks to the children to meet differing age groups. The show had a significant impact on our special needs class. We rarely get detailed content in their drawings and their verbal communication is limited. Oscar and his friends really captured their imagination and the show really held their concentration. Their drawings of the characters were very detailed and they talked non-stop about the show! One parent commented that it was all her son talked about for the rest of the day!!”

Larbert Village Primary School, Falkirk


“Mousetale Puppets brings live theatre directly into the Nursery environment.The workshops give an excellent, hands-on experience for all children, regardless of ability.”
[All shows + Workshops for Nursery]

“A stimulating, highly sensory, cross-curricular experience for 3 to 5 year-olds - the children’s attention was held from beginning to end.”
[Workshops for Nursery]

Arnwood Nursery School, Glasgow


“Our infants were transfixed, enthralled by the storyline, the music and the atmosphere.”

“Oscar cast a spell upon our infants, leaving them spellbound! They enjoyed every moment and eagerly await his next adventure.”

Rashielea Primary School, Erskine


“A valuable, worthwhile experience for pupils and staff.”
[All shows]

“A creative, highly challenging experience for all involved.” - P7 Class Teacher
["Stage a Production" Workshop Package]

Merrylee Primary School, Glasgow


“A magical experience for our pupils. All very enthusiastic and excited about the performance. We will definitely re-book.”

Livingston Village Primary School


“The show had everyone enthralled from nursery to adults!”

Glenlyon Primary School, Perthshire


“It was quite great and very funny”

“It was nice, I really liked it I did”

“I liked the spider best because it was like Incy Wincy”

“Nessie the dinosaur was good”
[Oscar and the Highland Castle]

Pre-school Children,
Gallatown Nursery School, Kirkcaldy


“Primary 1-4 were enthralled by the Mousetale Puppets production, Oscar's Amazing Space Adventure. During this lively, colourful performance, the children learned about how everyone is special and the importance of friendships as well as gaining some knowledge about space. A fun-filled learning experience was enjoyed by all.”

Eastbank Primary School, Glasgow


“We thought the show was fantastic.” - P2 class

“It was awesome and cool!!” - P2 pupil

“It was dark and it felt real.” - P4 pupil

“It was an exciting adventure, and funny too... The scenery and puppets were bright and colourful, like highlighter colours... Thank you, come again!” - P4 pupils

Eastbank Primary School, Glasgow


“Everyone who saw the puppet show was enthralled by it and it was all my class could talk about for the rest of the day. The rest of our day was spent using the technology boxes to build spaceships and using modelling clay to build Oscar and Zimmy.”

P2 class teacher, Falla Hill Primary School, West Lothian


“Fresh, funny and bursting at the seams with vitality.”


“High production values, delightful story-telling, good music, great puppets - a welcome new addition to the puppetry scene in Scotland.”

Simon Hart,
Director, Puppet Animation Festival


“The best show that we’ve seen for a long time... Appropriate for all stages from nursery to P7”

Newport Primary School, Fife


“The children were enthralled with the colourful, professional and most entertaining performance.”

Kilbarchan Primary School, Renfrewshire


“An entertaining performance, tailored to suit a range of ages from nursery through to Primary 7”

“David had all the children enthralled, especially in his discussions with older children about puppeteering.”

Netherburn Primary School, Larkhall


“Primary 7 said that the puppets were really cool and they found the whole thing very impressive.”

Newport Primary School, Fife



“Mousetale Puppets never fails to produce shows which are spectacular, funny and engaging for audiences young and old. Thoroughly enjoyable and a magical experience every time.”

Gilmorehill G12 Theatre, Glasgow


“The children in Nursery and Primary 1 in both Crianlarich and Killin Primary Schools were mesmerised throughout as Oscar flew around our universe exploring outer space. This enchanting puppet show was so well received, the children were reluctant to let Oscar leave the building at the end of the show! The positive messages were presented to the children in an entertaining way.”

Killin Primary School, Stirlingshire


“Mousetale Puppets has been delighting our audiences for the past six years with its stylish, colourful productions of high quality, full of fun and catchy original music. This company’s work is an important part of Scotland’s burgeoning puppet theatre scene.”

Simon Hart, Director,
Puppet Animation Scotland


“Oscar the Mouse has been a consistent delight to our Saturday audiences since 2002. So much so, that families now return on a regular basis to follow the ongoing adventures of Oscar. He has become a cult attraction at SMPC.”

Sarah Lee, Centre Manager,
Scottish Mask and Puppet Centre


“An absolutely fantastic theatrical experience. The children were completely engaged throughout this very professional performance.”

Kirkhill Primary School, West Lothian


“From the moment the children entered the hall they were transported to a different world and they couldn't stop talking about Oscar when they left the venue. The best puppet show I've seen.”

Julia Harkness, Venue Manager, FTH Falkirk


“Children, teachers and staff were delighted with the Oscar and the Highland Castle show. The show was equally suited to all ages and thoroughly enjoyed by all. Everyone loved meeting the puppets at the end and the music you played.”

Dundee City Council Libraries


“Many thanks for your wonderful work today. It was great to have a theatre performance that was both entertaining and educational. Having a story line that tied in with our current environmental studies and psd topics was a real bonus. Everyone in the whole school thoroughly enjoyed the performance. A great event for our PTA to fund. Thank you very much.”

Morebattle Primary School, Scottish Borders


“The shadow puppet session was a fun way to enhance the pupils’ learning. The puppets were incorporated into other curricular areas such as modern languages and storytelling to infants.”
[Shadow Puppetry Workshop]

P7 Class Teacher,
Bellsquarry Primary School, West Lothian


“My class thoroughly enjoyed David's shadow puppet workshop. Thanks to his clear instructions every child, regardless of ability, made an effective, working shadow puppet.”
[Shadow Puppetry Workshop]

P4/5 Class Teacher,
Cornbank St James Primary School, Midlothian


“My Primary 6 class were well motivated and focussed throughout the project. They learned many new skills in design, technology, play-writing and performing. They found out how important it was to co-operate in a group situation and above all they enjoyed every stage of the process.”
["Stage a Production" Workshop Package]

P6 Class Teacher,
Sighthill Primary School, Edinburgh


“Performing on stage was a fantastic experience” - Kieran P6

“We had the chance to do something really different” - Donna P5

“The lead up to the show was very exciting” - Amy P6

“It taught us a new skill” - Amy P5

“The experience helped us to work together” - Allan P6

“It gave us the chance to express ourselves” - Rebekah P6

Pupils in South Lanarkshire


“Oscar - he deserves one!”

Dunshalt Primary School, Fife

“The best I've ever seen.”

P4 pupil, Dunshalt Primary School, Fife


“Suited all Primary age-groups.”

“Fabulous music - up to date - children can sing along.”

“Workshop was excellent and encouraged enterprise.”

St Peter's Primary School, Hamilton


“For our school it was a real treat! All pupils, from P1 to P7 got something from the show. The children talked about it for weeks afterwards. It was especially exciting for us all when you took the time after the show to talk about the puppets, how they were made, and how you put the whole show together. It really brought to life the amount of work involved in putting a show such as yours together. We all felt really special in having you all to ourselves, and would be delighted to have you back as a learning experience for the whole school again and again. Our P4-7 class had a superb mini-theme after your visit, where they used ideas you gave us to create their own puppets and puppet show.”

Dunbog Primary School, Fife

“Mousetale Puppets provided an exciting visual experience which the children thoroughly enjoyed and which proved to be a springboard for lots of follow-up activities.”

Auchtergaven Primary School, Perthshire


“Oscar and the quest for the underground princess is a puppet show that is funny and exiting it made me giggle. My wee brother Peter said that Snotter was scary I didn’t think he was too scary. I loved Oscar because he was adventuress like my wee cousin Saul.”

Rose, age 7


“The show was very well received by all of our pupils and they enjoyed having their many questions answered by puppeteer David Stewart, in an afternoon workshop.”

Arinagour Primary School, Isle of Coll

“I thought it was exciting, colourful and funny.” - P5 pupil

“The show was enthralling and amazing.”

“I thought it was fantastic and funny.”

“I thought it was exciting, amusing and colourful.”

“I thought the show was enthralling, funny and clever.” - P4 pupils

“I thought it was great.”

“I thought it was very musical.”

“Fascinating.” - P3 pupils



“Fantastic!” - P2 pupils

Arinagour Primary School, Isle of Coll


“The show was brilliant... a unique experience for both children and adults.”

Bonnytoun Nursery School, Linlithgow


“Excellent value for money. Children were enthralled from beginning to end.”

Toronto Primary School, Livingston


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