Mousetale Puppets

(see also Technical Requirements)



  • No cameras or sound or video recording equipment may be used during the performance. It is a breach of copyright, distracts the performer and spoils the show for others. With my permission, photographs may be taken after the show. Please ensure all mobile phones are switched off during the performance. If you invite press, arrange this for after the show – and let me know.

  • I cannot guarantee that the content or style of the show will be appropriate for your entire audience. Please be prepared to remove any children who might be upset by the show.

  • In the case of family audiences the preferred arrangement is to have parents sit with their children (especially younger children).


  • The arrival and departure times shown on the booking form are approximate, as is the duration of the show.

  • The “doors open” time for schools performances, and some community groups, is normally the stated show time. Don’t bring your classes/group early – you may have to wait. Theatres: You must advise me well in advance of the performance date regarding your doors open time. I may require an earlier get-in. I prefer to open doors less than 15 minutes before the show.

  • Nominate one staff member to liase with me during set-up. This person should arrive in advance of the audience to be a “buffer”. This makes a big difference to the smooth-running of your show. Although very well equipped to provide a self-contained full theatre fit-up in an empty hall, as a lone performer I am unable to field front-of-house duties or deal with earlycomers whilst putting finishing touches to the show. Your help and understanding is appreciated. This is especially important if you are bringing a group from another part of a campus, or to a hired venue with no FOH staff or technician.

  • My set can be viewed only from the front, not the sides.

  • If you are setting out chairs, benches or mats, this is best done after lighting stands are in place as these will dictate sight-lines. For the same reason, in theatres, if seating is pre-allocated, please block off the front corners, especially if the seating bank is wide in which case sell seats from the centre out. Be prepared to be flexible on the day, if need be, to ensure everyone can see.

  • My own lighting is integral to the show and must be used in all venues.

  • Where a venue is fitted with professional stage lighting and dimmable house lighting, I may ask for a simple pre-wash to blend my show into the space. This is in addition to my own lights and is really just for effect, before and after the show. During the show all lights, including house, must fade to complete blackout. This is essential as the whole show is performed in black light (UV). Where a venue is not fitted with dimmable house lighting, I will light the room with 2 parcans which I will operate. Please give thought to emergency exit lights before I come, as these can be obtrusive – to the point of spoiling the show – in some venues.

  • The theatre cannot be moved or dismantled between performances unless this has been agreed to at the time of booking.

  • No outdoor performances are possible. A marquee is only suitable if it is equipped with full black-out lining and if the playing area is fitted with a firm, flat and level wooden floor or rostra.

  • I hold licences from PPL and MCPS (musical copyright). Electrical equipment is regularly safety tested (PAT test). I have public liability insurance covering up to £10,000,000. I am a member of Equity. You agree that these satisfy your venue’s regulations and you will inform me, at the time of booking, of any other licences, precautions or insurances required (otherwise you may be liable to pay the full cost should you need to cancel.)

  • The Technical Requirements form part of the booking agreement. It is your responsibility to check these in advance and provide them on the day. Remember, you can always phone me if you're unsure of anything! 07740 980481


  • It is your responsibility to ensure that no children are near the theatre during setting up, dismantling and transporting of equipment. During the show, the playing area and backstage are strictly out of bounds to children and adults.

  • You must provide adequate adult supervision of children. (In the case of public performances the event must be properly stewarded.) I will not be responsible for the discipline of children at any point before, during or after the show. You are requested not to leave me with sole responsibility for any child or children at any point unless this has been specifically agreed to at the time of booking. If you require a disclosure, please note that the cost of this is not included in my fee.


  • Invoices remaining unpaid 28 days after the due date will incur a 5% surcharge. Please process invoices early if necessary.

  • If you are paying “school prices” (for current prices click here) you agree not to make any profit from the performances (ie any cost per head must cover my fee only) and you will not sell tickets without my prior consent.


  • All cancellations/changes must be made by phone then confirmed in writing. Failure to sign and return a copy of the booking form does not constitute a cancellation of the booking or release you from any agreement already made verbally or by email. (Be sure to return the form though as this is how I know you received the paperwork!)

  • In cases of force majeure, where the booking cannot go ahead due to circumstances beyond your or my control, I expect to arrange another date with you within the same tour. On that condition, you need not pay for the cancelled date (unless I have incurred avoidable expense). Examples include unforeseeable school closures due to adverse weather, snow and ice, extenuating circumstances; and any illness, accident or emergency that may prevent me from attending, including vehicle breakdown. Every possible precaution is taken to prevent these, and I will keep you informed of circumstances as they happen, but should such circumstances arise, I will not be held liable for compensation, financial or otherwise. This includes compensation for any money lost on the booking of a hall etc, or for any loss of revenue from ticket sales. Likewise, I will not hold you responsible for any loss or expense I have incurred as long as you are seen to have taken every possible precaution and kept me informed of circumstances as they happen. It is helpful if you can provide me with an out-of-hours mobile contact number. You have mine.

  • Bookings cancelled for any reason other than force majeure must be paid for in full if cancelled up to 4 weeks before the event. I will reduce the fee to 50% for cancellations 4-8 weeks before the booking, and to 25% from 8-16 weeks. This includes cases where you have not paid due attention to technical requirements, or where venue conditions on the day are not as described/agreed such that I am not able, or not prepared, to undertake the work.

  • Please note: If a venue or promoter issues their own contract for me to sign, and any of the above points are not fully covered in that contract, the above terms will be used as the basis for my decisions and actions should any discrepancy arise. (For example, I would apply my own cancellation fees if no other agreement had been made about cancellation.)


see also Technical Requirements

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