Mousetale Puppets
  Suitable for:
Up to 45 children, Nursery - P1/2
45-55 minutes

Designed specifically for Early Years, this workshop is set to a theme and is intended to follow a performance of one of my own shows.

Each child is provided with a pre-cut card shape which they decorate and personalise using their own unique and creative ideas! This is done in groups with the help of staff.

Children then get to perform with their puppets, dancing to music! I give full guidance throughout, and provide all materials, music and lighting.


Themes are intended to compliment whichever Mousetale show is touring at the time.

The themes this year are:

Deep-sea Creatures (16 Nov 2016 - 4 Mar 2017)
Accompanies performance of:
Oscar and the Deep-sea Pearl

Buns & Cakes (May - June 2017)
Accompanies performance of:
Oscar and the Quest for the Underground Princess


“A stimulating, highly sensory, cross-curricular experience for 3 to 5 year-olds - the children’s attention was held from beginning to end.”

Arnwood Nursery School, Glasgow


The normal format for Nurseries is to have a show followed by a workshop in the morning, then the same in the afternoon. This creates a tight schedule for me for the day and requires a very early get-in. If you are considering booking this workshop, please do contact me for a chat about what is involved. (Small Nurseries may wish to consider bringing morning and afternoon groups in together, if this is practical, for one show and one workshop.)

Remember also that in order to book a show it must be possible to black out the room/hall that you wish to use. I can often give help and advice with this, as long as I'm given enough information in advance.

Contact me directly on 07740 980481.

For workshop prices see Prices page or call me.


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