Mousetale Puppets
  Suitable for:
Up to 30 children, P1-7
Half a day (usually 3 hours - recommend morning. Minimum 2 hours)

Animal Shadows

A detailed demonstration followed by a practical session during which each child creates an animal shadow puppet.

Children then have the opportunity to try out their puppets behind a simple shadow screen. If time allows, this usually takes the form of a fun challenge in which I give each group a scenario, a moral, a “funny thing” and about 7 minutes to create a 2 minute play!


The main piece of technology involved is in the creation of a moving part. This can be anything - mouth, leg, head, tail etc. Generally this is expected of every child in P5-7, optional for P3-4 and not expected of P1-2. With smaller class sizes I can help more children to do this part, regardless of their age.

Children of all ages have had tremendous fun with this workshop and it is an effective way to introduce basic drama concepts to Primary children.

The workshop can be as simple or as complicated as you like and can be extended or adapted. Most of the materials are provided.


Book a performance of Oscar and the Highland Castle on the same day as your workshop and you'll see my own shadow puppetry cleverly incorporated into the show.

I recommend having a morning workshop for one class, then an afternoon show for the whole school (or section of school if a big school). A discount is available for this.

PLEASE NOTE: Oscar and the Highland Castle may not be touring at the time of your workshop, but the above arrangement works equally well with any of my other shows.


“The shadow puppet session was a fun way to enhance the pupils’ learning. The puppets were incorporated into other curricular areas such as modern languages and storytelling to infants.”

P7 Class Teacher,
Bellsquarry Primary School, West Lothian

“My class thoroughly enjoyed David’s shadow puppet workshop.
Thanks to his clear instructions every child, regardless of ability,
made an effective, working shadow puppet.”

P4/5 Class Teacher,
Cornbank St James Primary School,


Additional benefits include:

  • Fits the experiences and outcomes of Curriculum for Excellence
  • Flexible - can be extended to a whole day if you wish
  • Can sometimes be set to a theme of your choice
  • Wide age suitability - including mixed age and mixed ability groups
  • Keep your puppets for follow-up activities
  • Technology
  • Opportunity to explore or convey other themes, topics or moral issues in a dramatic context
  • Book the workshop for the same day as a Mousetale Puppets show and get a special price

Contact me if you’re interested. I will gladly discuss your individual needs.
For workshop prices see Prices page or call me.


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